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no, but really, even if Snape had dropped the branch on purpose on Petunia why would that make him a dick for realistic acting like a child and reacting to disagreements on irrational ways? Children push and hit each other all the time bc they're not mature enough to deal with their quarrels with words. At fifteen James *consciously* had Snape almost choke because he thought it would be fun but Snape acting like a child at nine makes him the anti-christ?

I know, it’s ridiculous.

James sexually assaults Severus and Sirius tries to murder him for a laugh and they were “just teenagers”.

Nine year old Severus drops a branch on Petunia when she insults him due to not being able to control his magic and he’s “displaying evil tendencies before he even joined Hogwarts!”

They’re just looking for excuses to hate him and their explanations are getting worse and worse, they’re just showing no compassion for an abused, poverty-stricken little boy.

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Survival tip: if you are alone on the middle of a jungle, a desert or the open sea make a neutral / mildly positive observation about Snape out loud and a hater will come out of nowhere to say "THAT DOESN'T EXCUSE HIS BEHAVIOR!!!!1!11" so you can steal their phone and punch them in the face.

This was so beautiful to read.

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Friendly reminder that Petunia never lost a chance of humiliating Severus due to his poverty and Severus' dislike of Petunia was partly a reaction to her attitude towards him and not purely due to being a muggle. Friendly reminder that when Severus dropped a branch (of undefined seize and weight) on Petunia he didn't do it out of nowhere as she was insulting him when it happened. Friendly reminder that kids don't have full control on their magic and there's a fair chance it was an accident.

Exactly, pay attention Snape haters.

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Snape says "save them all, THEN." It's the "then" that reveals that Dumbledore's accusation about Lily was right. You keep talking about how careful Jo's writing choices are, why would she make the WRITING CHOICE to include that "then", and have Snape give no defence whatsoever if Dumbledore's accusation was wrong? Because it wasn't. He was fine letting Lily's family die so long as Lily was safe.

"You know what I mean! He thinks it means her son, he is going to hunt her down - kill them all -"
“If she means so much to you,” said Dumbledore, “surely Lord Voldemort will spare her? Could you not ask for mercy for the mother, in exchange for the son?”
“I have- I have asked him -“
“You disgust me,” said Dumbledore, and Harry never heard so much contempt in his voice. Snape seemed to shrink a little. (Deathly Hallows, page 543)

Notice how straight away Severus is concerned about all of them being killed? That’s what he says, kill them all. That’s where his concern is, otherwise he would have just said that he was concerned about Lily and Lily alone. When Dumbledore asks what Severus asked of Voldemort, he starts to stutter, goes to explain what he asked Voldemort, only for Dumbledore to talk over him with an insult. This is a boy who came from an abusive household, this is a boy who most likely saw this father talk to his mother that way and was forced into silence by his father, kept quiet during the abuse he suffered. Often with victims of abuse they learn not to speak up or defend themselves because nobody cares anyway, they don’t deserve to speak and/or they’re not going to be believed. As Dumbledore has cut him down, telling him that he’s disgusting, he doesn’t think it’s worth defending himself. Where have we seen Severus defend himself before? Never, because he’s learned not to. See where Severus has stuttered, messed up his words and been spoken over before? Oh right, with Lily.

Remember the scene where he was saying they were supposed to be friends only for the great “We are Sev, but I don’t like some of the people you’re hanging around with!” She interrupts him twice during this conversation, telling him off for his savoury friends only to then justify the Marauders bullying of him. It ends with him in a stuttering mess, barely incoherent and being spoken over and criticised again. I’m not giving the exact quotes because it’s too long but it’s on pages 540-541 of the Deathly Hallows.

At this point he’s been interrupted, spoken over and assumed that he’s evil many times. He comes from a place of abuse where he was forced into silence about the things he experienced and saw, he ended up panicking and stuttering when Lily spoke over and criticised him before, and now Dumbledore’s doing it.

In his mind, it doesn’t matter what he says.

They’re going to assume the worst of him no matter what.

He’s going to be accused of lying, or being evil, or all sorts of horrible things is he tries to explain himself. They don’t care about him or what he thinks/feels, why would they? He’s just Severus Snape. Disgusting, evil, horrid, Severus Snape. Who would care about him?

"Save them all, then."

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you're right! people should not brush off the fact that he was abused and you know so was harry, so was serious black, and so was voldemort. It kinda shows what type of people come from abuse. Snape however chose to join the death eaters, it is always worse to suffer evil than commit evil. He could have felt outcast and been a good person or he could feel accepted and join up with people trying to opress a mass group of people. snape is allied with voldemort like harry is to serious black.

Sirius Black also chose to attempt to murder Severus as a laugh. Hm.

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Are you trying to tell me that Snape bullying Neville is FANON?. It's canon, mate. Nevilles Bogart took the form of Snape ffs. (Not hating btw, I just feel really protective over Neville, sorry.)

I never said he wasn’t cruel to Neville, but the whole “it was because he would’ve been the chosen one” thing is fanon.

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To add to your meta-- Snape bullied Neville because - as JKR states - he was bitter Neville wasn't the chosen one. He /hated/ Neville, and while most people would be able to suppress that, he coped with it the only way he'd ever seen: bullying. His family life is obvious, and James didn't like Snape, so he bullied him. In Snape's mind, he didn't *know* any other way to let go of anger and hatred. Which is so much more sad than I expected it to be.

Actually JKR never stated that, that’s fanon unfortunately. The whole hating Neville thing.

But yes, Severus didn’t have any other way of releasing his anger, he didn’t know what to do.

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me on a date: actually, wanda ventham wasn’t in three episodes of doctor who. she was in three serials, and 13 episodes in total: ‘the faceless ones’ (6 episodes), ‘image of the fendahl’ (4 episodes), and ‘time and the rani’ (3 episodes)



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Happy Bisexual Awareness Week!

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you're right joining the side of a war to fight for a people who can not fight for themselves is totally not making a good person. Also your're right James may not have changed during his time at school, but snape didn't really change until the moments before his death. Similarly James sacrificed himself to save not only Lily's life but also Harry's. Also I see you say that snape's bulling is ok because he was abused ant it is his coping is not a very strong excuse mean is mean is mean,

He was pushed to it.

James Potter enjoyed physically, emotionally and sexually abusing others because it made him feel powerful.

Severus literally had nowhere to go, it was the only way he was able to express himself. He was spoken over, interrupted and silenced (and kept quiet because that’s what people who are abused do, due to feeling that they don’t deserve to speak and nobody will listen to them anyway). When he came out to Dumbledore as suicidal, Dumbledore brushed him off, essentially telling him that it didn’t matter.

He shouldn’t be demonised because he didn’t cope as well as he should have.

It’s terrible that people have this “better than thou” attitude. I’m sure most people would’ve dealt with abuse and that a lot worse than Severus did. Really the odd insult and frustrated comment because they were messing about or not listening in class is hardly abuse.

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