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Anon hate from extreme Amanda fans.

As you know, I’ve been getting a lot of hate recently for my criticisms of Amanda Abbington. 

I said I wasn’t going to address it, and now I will. Why?

Because it won’t stop and I know who it is sending it.

I used to be a fan of hers, until I kept feeling let down by her as I explained in this post that I wrote back in February.

Someone recently asked for a link to it, and as I linked it in the Amanda Abbington tag (again, purely for organisational reasons for my blog, the majority of my Amanda Abbington things are under a read more and are more discussions than anything else). Still, I’ve been getting a shit ton of Amanda Abbington fans who demand that I “answer for my opinions about her” and demand that I “explain”, even though I linked sources to things she said back in the original post.

They all seem to think it’s easier to claim that interviewers were lying and suggest that I’m a misogynist because I think that there’s something wrong with a 39 year old woman being threatened by young girls online drawing fanart and saying they love Martin Freeman, but there you go. If you want more details about this, it’s in the original post.

I said I wasn’t going to respond to anon hate, as… I don’t really care. Like the whole Amanda Abbington issue bothered me a lot a few months ago but she’s more of an annoyance to me now, so I don’t care to argue it as I don’t really think about it too often. 

However the hate wouldn’t stop, it’s becoming incredibly personal about me, so I’ve decided to out the two people involved.

I know at least two of the messages can be accredited to these two blogs, so, the people sending me anon hate are:

ismwatsongoodenough and kimaika

How do I know? This post

Here she says

Give me one good reason why you hate her. Come on, one good reason. Because I can’t find a fucking reason anyone should hate her and be an ass toward her.

I said it on twitter and I will say it here. I will defend and protect that woman until the day I die, and if you’re going to spew hate about her, I’m going to respond. Maybe I’ll be gentle, maybe I won’t. You shouldn’t test me.

Again, she’s boasting about responding to me but never responded to any of my posts or spoke to me off anon, she even says she “won’t be gentle”. Also the wording is the same is anon. 

As you can see if you go to the post, kimaika responds with:

I will fight them for her, I honestly will, this little shy one can be viscous if needed trust me, if I have had it, there is no place on this earth where you’ll be able to hide D:

Vicious indeed! Let’s see what they had to say to so nobly defend her as they boast.

You are a 22 year old t-shirt

Beautiful. Also calling me an ignorant cunt. Thank you for the informative discussion.

Mocking mental health issues, calling me a misogynist (oh that argument) and suggesting that I’m petty for having issues with Amanda’s words and behaviour.

Also “wise up to the fact that Martin is never going to sleep with you”


That would be such an issue if I weren’t so Goddamn asexual.


Because I seriously don’t care about her.

I stated an opinion in February and now everyone’s losing their shit over it and bombarding my ask when I don’t care.

Stay classy

This is what’s been going on for two days.

This one annoyed me.

First of all it just feels like this

Fight back you coward!

Anyway, ahem. Criticising someone in their early 20s for doing fandom stuff on Tumblr… that’s a huge part of Tumblr’s demographic. Yes I’m very much very involved in the Harry Potter fandom.

But what this implies is that I’m some pathetic loser with no life and no accomplishments and that’s what annoys me.


This is how I enjoy my free time as many people do and I’m not less of a person for it.

I’m twenty two.

I speak four spoken languages as well as British Sign Language. I recently spent a year in China studying and doing research for an academic paper I wrote.

I’m also a carer for my disabled brother.

So sorry I spend my time blogging about Harry Potter and not spending time discussing an actress I dislike with people who are too cowardly to show their faces when they insult me and wish me dead.

Frankly, ismwatsongoodenough, kimaika, you are disgusting people.

Good day.

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